Joakim   Zelmerlööw   -   born   in   Stockholm   (Sweden)   in   1974,   is   a classical   guitarist ,   composer    and   expert   within   the   field   of connecting     the     guitar     technique     with     psychology     and ergonomics.   Alongside   his   work   within   music,   he   is   also   the author    of    the    much    appreciated    method    Ergonomic    guitar technique . Born   the   fifth   child   in   a   family   of   guitar   players   Zelmerlööw came   in   contact   with   the   guitar   at   an   early   age   and   was   initially taught   by   his   parents,   both   professional   guitar   teachers.   Later he   studied   at   the   Music   Conservatory   in   Falun ,   Sweden,   and the    Royal    Danish    Music    Conservatory    in    Copenhagen , Denmark. He   enjoys   many   things,   especially   anything   related   to   music, science,    PC    gaming,    woodworking    or    coffee,    but    strongly dislikes writing descriptions about himself in the third person.
Joakim Zelmerlööw Musician, composer